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Q: Do I need a licensed Arborist to remove an Ash Tree on my property?

A: No. According to the Department of Agriculture requirements, a licensed Arborist to remove the Ash Tree is no longer required.

Q: Do I need to replace a Tree I remove from my property?

A: When the Estate homes were originally built, one of the criteria was to have a detailed landscape plan with a minimum of $20,000 in landscaping. If this is the only tree on either side or rear of the property it may have to be replaced to maintain the original design criteria. An architectural application form is on our website.

Q: What are requirements for planting a new Tree?

A: No Ash trees will be allowed for plantings. A minimum trunk diameter is 4" is required.




Q: Do I need approval from the POA to remove a Tree from my property?

A: If a Homeowner is removing a decorative tree, such as a Birch or Pine that is within their landscape bedding area, then approval from the POA is not necessary. Approval from the POA is needed in these planting situations. An architectural application form is on our website.

·         If the tree is a roadway tree.

·         If the tree has to be removed by a tree removal company requiring the need for a Bucket Truck.

·         If the Homeowner is planting a new tree other than a decorative type, approval is required.  No Ash trees will be allowed and the minimum trunk diameter is 4".



Q: Do my Contractors need to be licensed?

A: Contractors must be licensed by the Village of Lake in the Hills to work within the Village.  Applications are available in the Village Hall. In addition, the Community Development Department must be provided with a certificate of insurance and a $10,000 surety bond at the time of application.  Licenses must be renewed on an annual basis.





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