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Gate Key Guest Management Solution


Boulder Ridge upgrade to  GateKey Plus:


1.     You can continue to manage your profile as you did before by calling the gatehouse if that’s what you prefer, but we would like everyone possible to use the system.

2.     All the contact information we had in the old version is updated in GateKey Plus

3.     As you did before go to and login and you’ll be redirected to new site.  After the initial redirect you will use the new link listed in item 11.

4.     Utilize your current credentials and you will be logged in. 

5.     Please read the tutorials available when you log in.  This will give you instructions on how to use the application and get the App.

6.     Download the new Gatekey IOS or Android app available on app store.  It will be a lot easier now to add guests and not have to call the gate.

7.     Please make sure you have an email address in contacts so we can now send out notices to the community.  Please be sure to opt in for email in options and settings.

8.     If you need your ID and new password call the gatehouse.  They will send you your ID and a password reset.

9.     If you change or update your vehicle information please add your license plates. 

10.  Please feel free to add additional residents in your home so it’s easy for guards to know who lives in the home vs guests.  They too can have their own accounts and logins.

11.  The new URL is now

12.   or you can go to and click on resident login and make sure you use Gatekey Plus.



1.     We don’t use the barcode feature to send to your guests…maybe in 2021.

2.     Also, if you aren’t receiving email go to and opt in for community email via mailchimp. This is our primary email service.  If you didn’t get a message from us in the last 30 days introducing the new Gatekey Plus you aren’t set up.

If you have any questions email me at 



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